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We distribute products with proven sustainable innovation.

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Support to launch your product in one of the most vibrant markets in the world.

Together, we can do Better For the Environment.

We are committed to work with design-led product innovators to bring sustainable solutions to the UAE. 

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We offer Products that Can Limit Your Impact On The Environment.

Sustainability Matters

We partner with leading innovators who value sustainability and the environment in both their products and their approach to business.

Innovation That Inspires

We carefully select products which drive both financial savings and stand for zero compromise alternatives to existing products.

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Next Level Water-Based Germ Protection for your people and your customers
Hand Sanitiser - Use once A Day!

Water-based, zero alcohol hand sanitiser that protects your hands from germs for up to 24hrs. 

Surface sanitiser - Up to 30 Days protection per application.

UAE ESMA certified to provide active protection on surfaces against 99.9% of germ for up to 30 days. Healthcare grade sanitisation which contains zero alcohol. 



Best in class water-saving shower head technology.

Breakthrough technology integrated into everyday products that allow people to take an active role in the making of a more sustainable tomorrow.

Save Money

Up to 70% less water than standard shower heads. 

Save Energy

Up to 60% less energy used to heat up water as a direct result of using less water. 


Smixin Hand Washing And Hygiene Solutions

Future-proof hand washing systems for next-generation buildings: Sustainable and hygienic.

Choose Sustainable

Washing your hands with Smixin uses 90% less water and 60% less soap compared to a normal hand washing cycle.

Choose Flexibility

Our systems can be placed inside and outside the washroom. To give your customers access to a handwashing point: anytime, anywhere. 

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Our Products & Services are used by some of the biggest organsations across the UAE and the world.

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We looking forward to partner with organisations that put their money where their mouth is when it comes to doing more for the environment. 

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